Software by Jeff Bourdier
Who am I?

I am a geographic information and computer scientist, musician, husband, and father of four children.

I write software both for a living (because I have to) and as a hobby (because I want to). Professionally, my experience encompasses mostly the energy (especially oil/gas pipeline) and telecom industries. If you'd like to see my résumé, click here.

I have a collective 14+ years of experience as a musician (vocalist, bassist, and keyboardist) performing a wide variety of styles, including classical, jazz, rock, and a capella.

Why am I on GitHub?

GitHub provides a convenient way to track and share my FOSS projects. Although developed mainly for my own use, they are hosted here on GitHub in case they may be of interest to anyone else. I also like to connect with other developers and see what they're working on.

Bourdier coat of armsWhere did that logo come from?

The icon that I use for this website is adapted from my family's (i.e., the Bourdiers') coat of arms, pictured right.

What else?

The pages below have nothing to do with my software projects; they are more for me to experiment with HTML, CSS, JavaScript, and SVG. They are about subjects that happen to be of interest to me, shared here (like my software) in case they happen to be of interest to anyone else.

If you want to know more about me, you can check out my personal blog or look me up on LinkedIn.